How to choose the right ski for you and your use?

Touring and Cross-Country skis:

Narrow skis that fit in groomed tracks, which is lighter than traditional BC skis. They are directional, relatively stiff, has a high camber profile and feel “fast” and more like regular classic cross-country skis. All of these models have a high cambered profile and in general, a stiffer flex which allows for a good wax pocket.

  • Mountain Race 46 (3/4 steel edge)
  • Mountain Race 48 (3/4 steel edge)
  • Mountain Race Junior (3/4 steel edge)
  • Mountain Touring 51 (3/4 steel edge)
  • Sondre BC

WAXLESS Touring and Cross-Country skis:

  • Mountain Race 48 SKIN (3/4 steel edge) and with integrated skin
  • Mountain Touring 51 Waxless (3/4 steel edge)

BC skis for long outings and expeditions:

Durable, tough, and semi-narrow skis. Most of these skis fit into groomed tracks but are made to work in the harshest conditions, like when you need a ski to cross Greenland or get to the South Pole. In general, really versatile skis for falt and moderate terrain. They are directional, relatively stiff, has a high camber profile.

  • Amundsen Fram BC
  • Liv BC
  • Gamme 54 BC
  • Finnmark 54 BC (No steel edge)

WAXLESS BC skis for long outings and expeditions:

  • Amundsen Fram Waxless

Allround BC and Telemark skis:

A bit wider mountain skis. Made to be easier to ski downhill, whilst still preserving the directional walking abilities. These skis are easier ski downhill turns with, more playful and in general have better downhill abilities. Still suitable for longer trips, but will excel in more varied hilly terrain. These skis also have a softer flex and less camber than the narrower skis, mainly to give better downhill capabilities. All of these skis are too wide for groomed tracks, thrive out in the mountain and are usually used in combination with frequent use of short skins.

  • Nansen BC
  • Cecilie BC
  • Ingstad BC
  • Tonje BC
  • Breidablikk Hunter BC (no steel edge)
  • Combat Nato

Waxless Allround BC skis:

  • Nansen Waxless
  • Ingstad Waxless
  • Breidablikk Waxless (uten stålkant)


Dog-skis/mountain skis without steel edge:

Skis made specifically for those who own dogs. All these skis are made without steel edges to prevent injuries on the dog’s feet an paws. Not to say that these skis cannot be used by others too, but they are made with dogs in mind. The Breidablikk could very well be a really nice and safe telemark ski, just to mention other users.
Our dog-safe skis are made in narrow models for longer outings, expeditions and touring (Finnmark 54). Furthermore, we have made the Breidablikk as maybe the most versatile dog-friendly ski on the market, and the Kongsvold as a wider ski for deeper snow and hunting.

  • Finnmark 54 BC (no steel edge)
  • Breidablikk Hunter BC (no steel edge)
  • Breidablikk Waxless (no steel edge)
  • Kongsvold Hunter BC (no steel edge)


Wide mountain-skis:

Wide skis, often called “hybrid skis” as they are made as wide mountain or BC skis, but is borderline to alpine touring skis. These are all fantastic skis for mountain enthusiasts, telemarkers or those seeking a lightweight alternative to alpine touring skis for long approaches or expeditions. In general made for use in steeper terrain, deeper snow, and more difficult downhill conditions. These skis have a little-to-no wax pocket, and will usually be used almost exclusively with short skins on.
Playful, wide, lots of sidecuts and solid skis made to stay on top of the snow when it gets deep and for easy turns on hardpack.

  • Kongsvold Hunter BC (no steel edge)
  • Falketind 62
  • Rabb 68