Liv Arnesen

Liv Arnesen has been on numerous expeditions and long skiing trips. Liv was the first woman in the world to do a solo trip to the South Pole, without any support or replenishment’s. Before this, Liv and Julie Maske were the first women who walked over the Greenland ice without support or replenishment’s. Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft were also de first women who crossed Antarctica on skis. Liv has spent a lot of time as a guide and tour leader in Svalbard. Today, Liv spends a lot of her time holding on lectures and she is a very popular speaker on the topics of motivation, coping, and management.

Liv is the author of “Snille piker går ikke til Sydpolen” (‘Kind girls do not go to the South Pole’), which is about her expedition in 1994. In 2000 she wrote the book “Motivasjon & Mestring” (‘Motivation & Coping’) with Jon Gangdal and in 2003 she wrote “No Horizon is So Far” together with Ann Bancroft and Cheryl Dahle. This book is about Arnesens & Ann Bancroft’s crossing of the Antarctica Continent. In 2006 she wrote the book “South Pole” which is a non-fiction (fact book) book for children.

The latest project with Liv Arnesen & Ann Bancroft is the” Access Water” , which started with an expedition along the river Ganges. The expedition will be executed from the Himalayas out to the Bay of Bengal. The goal of this project is to educate and inspire 50 million youths about international teamwork on access to clean water. Liv and Ann are using the expedition as a foundation to educate youths on all continents. Clean water supply is a challenge that must be addressed across religious and geographical relationships, and that is why the team is put together by women of different ages, experiences, religions and from different continents.

You can read more about the expedition here:

Åsnes is a proud equipment sponsor of this project and we hope the South Pole one day will become reality for Access Water.

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