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Ingstad BC

Wide and playfull backcountry model

Versatile BC ski intended for long traverses in steep and demanding terrain. Ingstad is equipped with a moderate wax pocket and a Nordic rocker/taper. This makes Ingstad easy to handle in deep snow and demanding terrain. Ingstad is produced in a light weight wood core and the total weight is only 2.050g (200cm).

Ingstad has a insert for X-skin installation. A unique solution for installation of climbing skins in the center of the ski. We recommend a 58mm X-skin for this model in Mohair or Nylon.

Helge Ingstad was known as Trapper, Polar Hero, Scientist, and as Governor of Greenland and Svalbard. He released several best sellers about wildlife capturing in Canada, Greenland and Svalbard. Through this work he contributed to the creation to the heroic representations of the hunters’ adventures life. Ingstad was also an administrator and a polar researcher with particular interest in the northern areas’ history and ethnography. He researched the cultural circumstances to people in the poles and gained new knowledge about the Norse settlements in America.


Length of ski

Length is determined based on body length and weight. The table here is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavish. Skills, terrain, weight, backpack and individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length.

General advice: Skiing rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain areas. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If the person is lighter than average, the user should consider shorter skis, and vice versa. If you often got heavy load (pulk/sledge), the ski should be a bit longer


Body length
Weight (kg)    Ski length    
150-160cm -55 165 cm
160-170 55-65 175
170-180 65-75 185
180-190 75-90 195
190-200 90- 205




Ultra-lett Trekjerne

Paulownia og poppel

2050 gr.


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