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Mountain Race 48 SKIN

Super-light BC ski with integrated skin


An increasing number of skiers are seeking high-speed trips in the mountains with light equipment, but this should not come at the expense of safety. Åsnes has therefore developed the Mountain Race 48 SKIN. MR48 SKIN is equipped with a markedly wax pocket, moderate side cut, 3/4 steel edges and a integrated climbing skin.

This model is perfect for those who manly enjoy groomed tracks, and sometimes leave for unmarked terrain to explore the grate outdoor. It’s strong enough to handle rough terrain and hard conditions.

This light weight model is produced with a wood core of Paulownia to keep the strength and reduce weight. MR48 SKIN is weighing only 1550g per pair in 200cm.

The integrated skin is Pomoca Climb 2,0. This skin provides excellent grip and sufficient glide.

MR48 is equipped with the new skin-lock system in addition. Giving you the opportunity to use X-skin (short climbing skin). Making it possible to Climb more demanding hills and contain a solid grip in demanding terrain.