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Tonje BC

All-round model for adventurous girls


This is the ski for adventurous girls. Perfect ski for deep and demanding snow, but also a playful ski for steep descents. This model has a moderate Rocker and taper. This makes the ski easy to handle in loose conditions. Tonje BC has a side cut of 22mm.

Tonje is equipped with insert for X-skin installation. A unique solution for installation of climbing skins in the centre of the ski. We recommend a 58mm X-skin for this model in Mohair or Nylon.

Tonje Blomseth is for many completely unknown, but this girl from Trøndelag in Norway has since she was 17 years, gain a significant role within Norwegian adventurers. Tonje went from the south to the North of Norway already when she was 17 years old, and was then the youngest ever to do this by foot/ski. Today she lives as a trapper in the deep forests of Canada where she is using her new skis daily. We look forward to follow Tonje on new adventures in the future.


length of ski

Length is determined based on body length and weight. The table here is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavish. Skills, terrain, weight, backpack and individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length.

General advice: Skiing rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain areas. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If the person is lighter than average, the user should consider shorter skis, and vice versa. If you often got heavy load (pulk/sledge), the ski should be a bit longer


Body length
weight (kg)     Ski length
150-160cm -55 165cm
160-170 50-65 175
170-180 60-75 185




Kroppslengde     Vekt (kg)    Skilengde     Kroppslengde       Vekt (kg)     Skilengde    
-160 cm – 60 175  – 160 -55 170
160-168 55-68 180 158-165 50-55 175
165-172 65-75 185 162-170 55-68 180
170-180 72-80 190 168-175 65-75 185
175-188 75-87 195 173-182 72-80 190
185-193 85-95 200 185-193 75-87 195
190 + 95 + 205/210 200-




Skilengde skal bestemmes utfra en kombinasjon av kroppslengd og vekt. Tabellane her er ment som et hjelpemiddel og må ikke følges slavisk. Skiferdighet, terreng, vekt, oppakning og individuelle behov/vaner er faktorer som påvirker valg av lengde


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