Technical information, mounting, and datasheets


We empathize that all Åsnes skis should be mounted with Polyurethane (PU-glue) one-component, solvent-free adhesive. Polyurethane has been developed as a universal adhesive for bonding wood to various other materials. Such as metal, plastic, rubber, and also wood against wood. PU glue cures by means of humidity, moisture in the material and materials being glued together. The glue also expands during the curing process, which makes the glue particularly suitable for sealing the pre-drilled holes in which ski bindings are mounted.

Sealing the screw holes is essential so as to avoid water entering the ski’s structure, damaging the moisture balance in the wood core and causing damage. If you unfasten a binding from an old ski, you will typically see brown screw holes caused by rot and rust if it has not been properly sealed. This means that the mounting was not done properly.


Extensive testing, traditions and long experience gained from all the skis we have provided for expeditions, harsh mountain environments, and military NATO Forces prove that PU-adhesives work much better than ordinary glue made for wood. PU adhesives have been found to have on average 20% better properties related to the holding of the screws in the ski and in strength. Since PU adhesives also cure in contact with moisture, it has actually been shown that the strength and hold can be even stronger if the adhesives are lightly sprayed with water before mounting of the bindings. This can also be done with a moist cloth to be sure one does not use excessive glue and to avoid too much moisture.
Most importantly, the PU adhesive has better properties than regular white wood glue to seal the screw holes, because the PU-glue expands and has a more flexible and water-resistant composition.