Rabb 68

Weapon of choice for people who live for the descent and telemark skiing

The Rabb 68 is a nimble ski occupying a middle ground between back country and alpine touring – a ski for Telemark enthusiast and the weight-focused slope hunter alike.

The ski is constructed with a responsive poplar core reinforced with carbon for optimum torsional stiffness and a width optimized for the demands both of ascent and descent.

Rockered and tapered, and with a pronounced sidecut to ensure swift and stable descents in all conditions, the Rabb 68’s sidecut makes it perfect for agile turns – the 180cm ski has a turning radius of 17.2 meters.

Weapon of choice of long touring adventures with a 75mm or tech binding, this is a ski for experienced mountaineers prepared to travel as far as it takes to find a slope, even in demanding terrain.

Rabb 68 skis are equipped with Skinlock, ready for X-Skin access skins to be instantly locked in place at the beginning of the ascent, and have attachment points for Pomoca and Colltex race skins.

This model can be selected at a length approximately the same as the skier’s height.


172cm 180cm 188cm
Tip 104 104 104
Waist 68 68 68
Tail 94 94 94
Radius 15,8m 17,2m 19,8m
Weight 2160g 2260g 2360g


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