Aleksander Gamme

Aleksander Gamme is perhaps the Nation’s most versatile adventurer in the true sense. He is best known for having traversed the world’s longest ski trip (2274 km) to the South Pole, but we believe it is even more important to remember his unconventional choice – when he chose to wait for Cas and Jones so that they could cross the finish line together. Cas and Jones are two Australian guys who did the trip at the same time as Aleksander, convinced that they would not be first, yet, little did they know about Aleksander’s plans.

Aleksander is curious by nature, a characteristic that might have guided him to activities such as skydiving, base-jumping, speed riding and climbing. He rarely rejects the opportunity to try a new activity or new things in general that can be explored and tested.

Aleksander has been on numerous expeditions. He crossed Sahara on a tandem bike, he has walked Las Vegas lengthwise, climbed Mount Everest and much more.

We look forward to follow Aleksander adventures in the future – whether it is with pulkshaft, climbing harness, surfboards, kayaks or wing suit.

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