How to choose the right ski?

Mountain skis (BC Skis):

BC skis are characterized by being broader than cross-country skiing. All Åsnes mountain skis have solid steel edges and are produced with a proper wood core. We do not measure camper and wax pockets on Mountain skis the way we do it in regular cross-country skis. This is for several reasons. A mountain ski should be able to follow the terrain in a completely different way than skis used in the groomed tracks. Mountains skis also need to work with skins, and most important, always provide grip. BC skis will operate under varying conditions and on varying surfaces, in a completely different way than classic cross-country skis. Which mountain skis you choose will depend on the use, type of terrain you will use them in, skills, weight, person length and the distance you plan to use them.

Alpine Touring skis:

Alpine touring skis can be seen as a type, or offspring from regular alpine skis. They are most similar to typical freeride and all mountain skis.
The touring skis are typically characterized as lighter, more forgiving, playful and constructed to be more v
versatile in all snow conditions. Contrary to traditional alpine,- and race skis, one wishes an alpine touring ski to always work and ride in varying conditions outside the slopes. Such skis also need to function in looser snow and float enough in the powder. At the same time, one wishes to have razor sharp edge control on hardpack and ice.
Special for all Åsnes’s alpine touring skis, is our own and patented Skinlock and our Access Skin short-skins.