Nosi 76

An alpine touring ski built for the long approach

On the way down, the Nosi 76 offers the feeling of a alpin ski, solid and stable. On the ascent, however, it feels like you’re effortless flying up the hill on a pair of rando-race class skis.

The Nosi 76 is the perfect ski for those who want to explore the mountains, logging as much altitude as possible during the season: at a mere 1075g underfoot, you don’t need to worry about the height of the approach.

A turn radius of 18.2m (172cm) and a slim waist makes the Nosi 76 perfect for turns on solid and hard surfaces. On snowy winter days, the soft tip and the construction of the rocker and taper floats you easily over the fresh new snow.

In order to keep the weight low and maintain the skiability, the Nosi 76 has a wood core made of poplar and paulownia, reinforced with carbon and fiberglass.

These skis are equipped with Skinlock for the instant attachment of the X-Skin Access skin – a short and lightweight climbing skin, perfect for long approaches and moderate terrain, that fits in the jacket pocket. The Access skin is so light that there’s simply no reason not to take it with you.

Choosing these skis, it’s best to go for lengths 5–10cm shorter than your height.

164cm 172cm 180cm
Tipp 108mm 108mm 108mm
Center 76mm 76mm 76mm
Tail 98mm 98mm 98mm
Radius 16,1m 18,2m 20m
Weight 1030g 1075g 1175g


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