The Combat Nato 62 is a very light and robust ski with steel edges and a 22 mm sidecut. Designed to meet the requirements of military use, the ski is designed both for steep and demanding terrain and for traveling at speed in varied conditions – something achieved through a combination of a moderate wax pocket, a sidecut of 22mm, and a balanced width, affording control and excellent floating properties on deeper snow.

Constructed with a reinforced Poplar Woddcore, equipped with a Nordic Rocker and Taper tip.

A perfect ski for the trek and the swift descent. Designed to withstand anything the mountain can offer, the binding area is reinforced with the alloy Titanal to handle rough usage and heavy load.

Combat Nato is constructed to face any challenge the mountain has to offer.

Recommended short skins are 540209.

  • Soild and versatile Nordic BC ski
  • 22 mm sidecut makes it easy to turn
  • Poplar wood-core construction
  • Titanal reinforced installation point
  • Sinter Base
  • Taper tipp
  • Nordic Rocker Construction
  • Short skin insert
  • Cap construction
  • Tail protector with attachment point for skins
  • Solid Nylon cap