If you’re looking for Silvretta climbing skins, we’ve got the perfect option for you. Our skins are 50/1900mm in size and are made of a 70/30 mohair/nylon mix. We’ve used a combination of materials that provides the perfect balance between durability and glide.

Our climbing skins come with an attached top mount and are packaged in a practical storage bag. To ensure that your skins work optimally, we recommend cutting them at least 10-15cm from the tail. This ensures constant pressure against the snow, making your climbing experience smooth and effortless.

  • Affordable and good Nordic BC skin
  • Perfect for Nordic hiking in steep terrain
  • 70/30 Mohair and Nylon mix
  • Solid steel bracket
  • Practical storage bag in Nylon
  • 190cm length
  • With of 50mm