Finnmark 54 Waxless

Waxless and versatile, dog-friendly ski for trekking and moderate terrain

Reassuringly firm and responsive on the turn, the Finnmark 54 is a ski with a prominent glide zone.

Its light carbon and glass fiber-reinforced poplar wood core gives it a stiffness perfect for extended outings on mountain plateaus or expeditions – even with a backpack or a sled in tow.

And built without a steel edge, it’s friendly to paws – just enjoy the company of your dog.

The combination of high-cambered pocket, pronounced sidecut and Nordic Rocker (Early Rise) offers grip, stability, and agility on even the longest trips, and all at width making it versatile enough for both groomed tracks and everything but the most difficult terrain.

The Finnmark 54 comes equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin to be attached in an instant for climbing.

To make the most of the Åsnes X-Skin system, we recommend an X-Skin Mohair 45mm for cold weather/ moderate terrain; for wet snow, hard use and steep terrain, a 45mm Synthetic X-Skin should do.

The dog pictured on the ski is called “Akiak” and he is an Alaska Husky. You can find him on Instagram: @akiakthehusky


Choosing the right length

Ski length is determined according to body weight and height. The table below is only a guide, however – experience, skill, terrain, and individual needs can all influence your choice of length.

Generally speaking, moving through rugged terrain calls for shorter skis than the open mountain plateau. And for beginners, short skis are easier to control. If you’re mainly skiing along tracks, length isn’t the most crucial factor. For good float on deep snow, a slighter wider ski is useful. Lighter skiers might consider a shorter ski; heavier skiers a longer ski. Skiers with loads such as backpacks and sledges might consider a longer ski.

Body length (cm) Weight (kg) Ski length (cm)
150-160 – 60 170
160-170 60-75 180
170-180 70-85 190
180-190 80-95 200
190+ 95+ 210