Nordic BC climbing skin in 100% nylon for optimal durability.

Built to withstand rough usage, this climbing skin from Colltex is produced in 100% nylon for optimal durability and grip – excellent for wet and heavy snow.

To enhance the skin’s performance, we recommend waxing it.

At 35 mm wide and 2000mm long, this skin suits Nordic BC skis from 36–50 mm. It comes with a pre-installed front buckle, easily adapted to any ski.

This skin is PFOA/PFC-free.

To keep skins in shape, we recommend you keep them clean, dry after use, and regularly impregnate/ wax them. Store climbing skins in the supplied bag somewhere cool and dark.


  • 100% nylon for excellent durability
  • Firm and dependable grip
  • Fits models between 36–50 mm at the waist
  • Metal buckle at tip
  • Nylon storage bag