Ski Pole Flex Tip

New, improved, and enhanced spare peg for Åsnes ski poles

Spare pegs for Åsnes ski poles. Fits all our ski poles and baskets.

New, improved, and enhanced variant from 2019.


To replace the ski pole tips, pre-heat the Flex Tip in warm water and
force them on/off by hand or with pliers.

When installing a new tip, make sure the pole goes all the way to the bottom of the tip. The metal pin inside the Flex Tip should go into the hole at the end of the ski pole. You might have to drill the hole in the bottom of the pole wider, with a 5mm drill bit.

Mount the Flex Tip using hot-melt glue or PU-adhesive. The Ski Pole Flex Tips must be pressed on with bodyweight, should bulge out slightly, and sit snug on the pole when they are correctly fitted.

Do not hammer on the grip of the pole, as it might break because of the unnatural and high-force energy of a hammer impact.