The Free 2-section pole is versatile and solid, the perfect choice for any Alpine Touring adventure. The newly developed handle has a wide top, perfect for kick-turns but also hides the feature of a button that releases the strap, making the narrow terrain/forest rides safer.

The Free is constructed with an alloy 7075 top pipe and solid carbon construction, reinforced with Kevlar to resist impacts. The construction also
provides a good balance and reduced weight.

A long handle in EVA gives high flexibility and in addition to the flick-lock makes adjustment easy and secures a solid grip. The handle is constructed with the possibility of adjusting heel lifters and in addition to this, the basket has the same design feature.

  • Alloy and Carbon/kevlar construction gives excellent balance
  • Longe Alpine grip in EVA – designed for quick changes of grip
  • Solid and easy adjustment of length – Flick Lock
  • New strap construction – for easy adjustment
  • Removable strap
  • Security leash attachment
  • Solid Alpine Basket with barb for adjustment of heel lifter
  • Alloy construction