BC Skibag

Lightweight, clean, and versatile ski bag

A simple and versatile ski cover for skis up to 210-214 cm in length. It has a long zipper that makes it easy to unpack skis, poles, and other equipment, and the carrying straps to transport easier. The ends are reinforced for extra durability.

The ski lift also has other functions, such as storing tents on trips. The length of the bag is such that you can easily fit the poles from longer tunnel tents, used on winter expeditions, in the cover. By packing the tent with the poles lying in the tents’ pole channels, you can save time and get a safe and efficient tent setup.

The tent can be rolled up and placed like a sausage in the ski lift, and strapped on the sled.

On the way to -and from, or on the train, the cover can be used to store skis and ski equipment.

  • Adapted skis up to 215cm in length
  • Can also be used as smart storage of tents on trips
  • Long zipper for easy unpacking and unpacking
  • Reinforced ends
  • Solid carrying straps