Colltex BC Skin MIX 52mm R2C (Black)

Versatile and solid Climbing skin for Nordic BC Skis with front and rear attachment in MIX quality


Perfect for long and demanding trips, where there is a need for a solid fixation both in front and in the tail.

MIX quality in 65% mohair and 35% polyamide, makes this a robust
and versatile ski trap. The quality makes this skin well-suited
to resist mechanical wear, and at the same time the high proportion
Mohair helps to provide good glide. A Skin with a good grip and glide, as well as a solid Hot-melt glue ensures climbing skin firmly on the ski.

A climbing skin that suits beginners as well as experienced mountaineers.

This skin should be stored with netting between the glue surfaces for easy handling. The skin is supplied in customized lengths with attachments both at the front and at the back. This skin fits most mountain skis over 54mm center width.

Delivered in XS-XL:

XS 158-169cm
S 170-179cm
M 180-189cm
L 190-199cm
XL 200-210cm

This skin is free of PFOA/PFC

NSN Number Armed Forces:


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