Press Release; Think Outside receives major research grant


Bergen— 01/02/2019

The Norwegian Research Council has awarded Think Outside a 3-year BIA grant for 12MNOK in order to further develop Sknow – Real-time detection of weak snow layers using a ski mounted miniaturized ground penetrating radar and machine learning. The grant enables the consortium of Think Outside as project owner, along with partners Sintef, Norges Geoteknisk Institutt (NGI), Codelab and Åsnes Ski (Active Brands) to continue the deep research of using a portable radar-sensor to digitally analyze snow for real-time safety of skiers in the backcountry.

Monica Vaksdal, CEO and Founder of Think Outside;

“I am very pleased that the Norwegian Research Council has viewed our project as competitive, technically advanced and with a high degree of innovative edge in such a group of applicants. The team, alongside with our partners, have worked hard to achieve amazing results in a short time, and this grant will allow for continuity and high quality in our innovation of digitizing snow and making an impact for everybody out in the winter back-country. I am grateful for the team’s efforts, and our partners commitments and contributions.”


Kelly Moulton, Chairman of Think Outside;

“This is another outstanding achievement by the Think Outside Team! This team keeps pushing the limits of tech and deliverables and has impressed me since day one. With this grant, the team can keep up the traction and accomplishments together with the best in science.”


In short, Sknow, as the solution is called, aims to transform backcountry safety for skiers that are moving off the groomed terrain. Sknow, the sensor that attaches to the ski, reads the snow and snow layers under the skiers’ feet, in real time, as well as the skiers individual force and movements. The patent-pending technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the changing conditions in the snow under the surface, giving the skier a set of eyes into the snow and enabling better, safer decisions in the winter mountains.  The data will be shared on a platform to the benefit of the entire ski community.

Frank Juklestad, Åsnes Ski;

Sknow is made by skiers, for the skiers, with the skiers need and safety in mind. At Åsnes, we recognized early on a startup company with a unique blend of enthusiasm, hard tech know-how and deliverability. Sknow is a great push of tech innovation to our industry and we are very pleased to be part of that journey.”


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