Åsnes Expedition Amundsen

Do you carry on a dream of a winter adventure, or just love rough competitions? Maybe Åsnes Expedition Amundsen is the challenge you have been looking for

The participants go the same route as Roald Amundsen went in 1896. He did this as a preparation for the South Pole expedition in 1911. Roald never reached Eidfjord when he was surprised by bad weather and had to seek shelter. He later stated that the trip over Hardangervidda was as exhausting and dangerous as his conquest of the South Pole. Fortunately, Leon, Roald’s brother, was participating in the trip and he luckily managed to saved Roald from certain death.

The next race will go down the 20.-23. February of 2020!

Expedition training at Dyranut happens the 30.January – 2.February.

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Åsnes Expedition Amundsen is called “the hardest ski competition in the world” and this with god reason.

Åsnes Expedition Amundsen is called “the world’s hardest ski competition” and for good reason. Today, the route is used as preparation before extreme polar expeditions. The participants cross Hardangervidda (100km) with a sledge, either alone or as a team. The route is neither marked nor prepared and runs from Haukeliseter to Maurset in Eidfjord. All the necessary equipment must be carried by the participants themselves, and the sledge must weigh at least 40kg entering the finish line. Within 100 km, athletes must rest for at least 4 hours at one of the checkpoints. No assistance is provided along the way, except in case of emergency.

Åsnes Expedition Amundsen may not be for everyone, but perfect for those who want to challenge themselves in the mountain on back country skis.

Next opportunity is March 07-10. 2019


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