HammerHead ハマーヘッド ブレーキペダル・シフトペダル シフトペダル オフセット:+20mm カラー:ブラック KX250F

【35%OFF】 11- [JC50] CBR125R [MCH660H1] KIT BRAKE-LINE ブレーキワイヤー・ケーブル ティーアールダブル TRW-その他

【35%OFF】 11- [JC50] CBR125R [MCH660H1] KIT BRAKE-LINE ブレーキワイヤー・ケーブル ティーアールダブル TRW-その他


CBR 125 R [JC50] 11- 【使用箇所】リア

TRW Brake-Pipe Kit
With ABE
TRW/Lucas brake lines/steel-braided lines. An intelligent solution - Made in Germany.
The connections on the steel-braided line are twistable.
The pressure point and therefore the overall braking performance are significantly improved.
Type-approved brake lines are marked with the KBA (German Motor Transport Authority) code.
Steel-braided brake lines are assembled as a complete set for each axle
Every line bears a registered,sequential number and the manufacture code.
TRW/Lucas gives a long-term warranty on the materials and workmanship.
The standard colour of the connections is titanium.
A longer interval between brake fluid changes is possible.
In the Documents are you will find installation instructions and the type approval in pdf format,enabling to view and/or to print.

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