■THE CUT 円形生爪 日鋼製 10インチ チャック用〔品番:TKR-10N〕[TR-7607555]
(3ケース送料無料)モンスター エナジー 缶 355ml ×24本 3ケースモンスターエナジー
【中古】JACK ROSE◆レザージャケット・ブルゾン/M/羊革/BLK【メンズウェア】

【お1人様1点限り】 / DRCロマネコンティフランス ドメーヌ・ド・ラ・ロマネ・コンティ 【大感謝祭】[2005] ブルゴーニュ 赤ワイン[のこり1本]【1/6(月)以降発送】 /-赤ワイン

Romanee Conti
解説パーカーポイント: (99 - 100)点

There are more startling complexities in the 2005 Romanee-Conti than in any other wine here today, perhaps in the vintage. A stunning, high-toned and utterly unique perfume of pink grapefruit, blood orange, tangerine rind, vivid rose petal, musk, cinnamon, sage, and cassis seduces the olfactors in kaleidoscopic rotation. I hesitate to court sacrilege or ridicule with Germanic allusions but it is impossible not to imagine a great Pinot scented with Gewurztraminer and Scheurebe. On the palate, a pure, clean meatiness emerges, like butchering a meadow-fed lamb, bitter-sweet flowers flying forth in an inner-mouth profusion. Soy and black truffle lend a dark, savory note to the proceedings, leading the long finishing procession over a path strewn with rose petals. Fear not: despite its silken texture, there are abundant tannins woven into this amazing tapestry as well, and I am sure those lucky enough to own some can retain it as collateral, then leave it to their children, safe in the knowledge it has not decayed. Reverential drinking after a dozen or more years would, however, be my preference.
(170, The Wine Advocate 30th Apr 2007)